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Live images - for event and conference photography

Lately I've been working on a system to speed up the delivery of images to clients - particuarly for conference and event photography.

Traditionally images are edited at the end of an assignment and then a Dropbox or WeTransfer link provided where the images can be downloaded.

Wifi-enabled cameras allowing images to be shared instantly.

To speed this up I am now able to provide images almost instantly by sending them directly from the camera to a Dropbox link where they are available to download within seconds.

This is particularly useful for conferences and events where images often have the greatest impact straight after they are taken. 

It's a system that's been successfully used on numerous events from conventions to university graduations and red carpet events. 

Being able to access the images through Dropbox will allow you to share the images straight away - reaching a global audience on social media within seconds.

For more information please get in touch at or on 07725002000